Piotnet Grid 2.0
Now Available

Dear Piotnet Community,

Piotnet Grid 2.0 is officially on air now.

The version comes with new interface – much more friendly, very convenient and less clicks.

Key feature of this upgrade is integration with Bricks Builder, a prominent page builder recently. Especially Piotnet Grid now could be used for Bricks’s Loop builder.

Map Facet and LearnDash come into the version as most wanted suggestions by community.

We also raise up customizibility of the plugin: now you can Custom your Cards by HTML/PHP

Existing customers can download Piotnet Grid 2.0 in your Account and license management.

Enjoy the new experience!

Detail update from Beta 2:

• Fixed: Bricks Builder conflicts.
• Fixed: WooCommerce conflicts.
• Optimized: Map and Geolocation Facet.
• Optimized: Learndash integration.
• Optimized: UI of the editor.
• Added: Deeper Integration with Bricks Builder.
• Added: Custom Card HTML, PHP.
• Added: CSS Variables in Dynamic Tags.
• Added: Filterable Sale Product.