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Create a Facet

A “Facet” enables you to filter, search, load, or order the Loop content of a Grid, Template, or Page Builder. This article explains how to create a Facet. There are numerous facets types available to meet your needs.

You can choose to import our pre-made demos or create facets yourself in the following steps.

  • Go to your WP Dashboard > Piotnet Grid > Facets > Add New > Add Facet Title > Edit With Piotnet Grid
  • Piotnet Grid Editor will be launched. Drag and Drop the Facet Widget and other Widgets from Editor Panel to design your Facet

Unlike other plugins, you can put multiple facets in one facet template with Piotnet Grid

General Facet Settings

Widgets for Facet

How to create a Facet 1

Basic Widgets

  • Section: A general layout of Piotnet Grid Editor, use to structure/divide your page
  • Text: to fill out the content by paragraph, div, span, or Heading Tags formats
  • Button: is used to trigger actions
  • Image: a widget to show your media/dynamic images
  • Icon: apply Icon from Library
  • Shortcode: to embed your shortcode
  • Code: you can write the PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript code needed to show your dynamic content
  • Icon List: to list your content with icons

Other Widgets

  • Facet: main widget to configure your facet
  • Reset Facets: a button to reset all the Facets
  • Active Facets: To list active facets above search results
  • Apply Facets: a button to trigger Facets or Redirect after clicking. You can also use this widget with Facet Search to create a Search Bar

how to set "apply facet button" with Piotnet Grid


Detailed Facets

how to create a facet 2


  • Facet Name: has to be unique, and must be different from any other facets of your website (usually a Facet name will be auto-generated). The Facet Name complies with Latin letters and no space (use underline instead).

For instance: products_filter

  • Facet Label: The title of Facet displays on both front-end and editor.
  • Facet Action: There are three options Filter, Load, and Sort

create a facet 5

  • Disable add the parameter to URL: By default, the URL will be added to a certain parameter after users trigger filtering (Query purposes). You can disable it with this function.

create a facet 3

  • Filter Type for Facet Action Filter: Select, Radio, Checkboxes, Slider, Buttons, Color Picker, Image Select, Search, Date picker, A-Z, Map, and Geolocation.

  • Loading Type for Facet Action Load: Pagination, Load More, Posts Per Page, and Results Counts

Facet Action Types and Utilities

Filter Facet Settings

  • Facet Action = Filter
  • Filter Type = Apply for almost Filter Types

create a facet 8


  • Show Choice Count: display the results count beside the options
  • Inline List: to order options to be the same line.
  • Hide Empty Choices: hide the items with zero counts after filtering
create a facet 7

The Zero Count Options

Filter Query Data Sources

Depending on your Facet Type, the filter query data source will correspondingly apply. Basically, there are four main filter data source options in Piotnet Grid Facet:

  1. Taxonomy
  2. Post Date
  3. Custom field
  4. Author
Filter Taxonomy Data Source
  • Filter Data Source = Taxonomy
  • Taxonomy: Choose your appropriate Taxonomy from the suggestion dropdown list

    For example, Categories (for Post Categories), Product categories (for WooCommerce Product Categories) or your custom Taxonomy

  • Exclude Taxonomy Terms: when you desire to display a couple of specific terms, you can exclude manually the other ones or sub-terms by this function.
  • Hide Children: to hide the child-terms/sub-terms
  • Hierarchical Term List: Display options as in the hierarchy format
  • Filter Logic: to set relevant conditions.

create a facet 6

Filter Custom Field Data Source
  • Filter Data Source: Custom Field
  • Custom Field Name (Key): fill out your appropriate custom field

create a facet 9

Available custom field integration list:

  • Post custom field
  • Default WooCommerce fields
  • ACF
  • Metabox
  • JetEngine
  • Toolset
  • Pods


Filter Facet types

Color Picker, Image Select Facet

There are two ways to get data sources with these Facet types: through Taxonomy and Custom Field

  • Facet Action = Filter
  • Filter Type = Color Picker or Image Select
  • For Filter Data Source = Taxonomy

By default, the Color Picker, Image Select Facet will get the Piotnetgrid Term Color value and Piotnet Term Image to display. You can see those settings when adding a new term or editing a term.

On the other hand, it is much more complicated when setting up Custom Field Data Source

  • Set Filter Data Source = Custom Field

By default, the Color Picker, Image Select Facet will get the value of Custom Field to display, so the value could be #000000 or image URL

facet types


Create a Slider Facet
  • Facet Action = Filter
  • Filter Type = Slider
  • Filter Data Source = Custom Field
  • Custom Field Name (Key): examples

_price (WooCommerce product price)

wpcf-custom_field_name (Toolset Field)


Filterable Maps

Please click here for detailed tutorials.


Filter products on Sale
  • Facet Action = Filter
  • Filter Type = Buttons or Checkbox
  • Filter Data Source = Custom Field
  • Custom Field Name (Key) = “WC > On Sale”

how to set Facet on sale with Piotnet Grid

Create a Search Box Template

Please click here for detailed tutorials.


Loading Facet Settings

  • Facet Action: Load
  • Loading Type: There are 4 options


The numbers or marks used to indicate the sequence of pages

Load more

The Load more button is typically a button at the bottom of the page that empowers you to see other results according to your search. “Load more” allows the user to compare more easily products across an entire list.

Post Per Page

Display the number of posts per page

Result Counts

Display the total result counts


Sort Facet Settings

With this Facet type, you can customize orders with diverse options

In the order list, click on “Add Item” and configure parameters.

  • Label (mandatory): the label of the option
  • Order by: Choose your appropriate conditions
  • Order: Descending or Ascending

create a sort facet 10

A demo for Sort Facet

Create a facet 11


Other Function Utilities

Collapse Facets on Mobile

Create a Section > Put your Facets inside this Section >Edit Section > Settings > Collapse Section > Set Collapse on Devices
(Only can be seen in Frontend)

how to collapse on section with Piotnet Grid

Demo on Mobile

Facet integration vs Page Builders

Embed Facet

We created a Facet Block (Widget, Element) for Gutenberg, Elementor, and Oxygen. This block (widget, element) help you embed the Facet by selecting the Facet you created by Piotnet Grid. You can also embed Facet by using the Facet Shortcode.

  • Gutenberg Block

Gutenberg illustration

Elementor illustration

Oxygen illustration


In-depth Facet integration for Page Builders

You can use our Facet to filter loop query content types of popular Page Builders such as: