Analytics gives you an insight view of your customer behavior.

We collect and provide information and metrics on how your customers use the filter menus to browse products and what are they looking for by your search box.

Top Filter Option Values

A deeper look into your customer demand: what attributes do they care about most in your available filter values? How many times did they click for each value today, this week, and this month?

Top Filter Option Value Combinations

A report of which is the most filtered combination, so you can see what is the trending products on each collection page.

Top Search Terms With No Results

Does your website attract lots of viewers but small sales? Maybe you missed what your customers need in your product list. Take a look at this report to know how many times your shoppers searched but had no matching results. Based on that, you can improve your goods to meet the market demand.

The Parameters

  • Filter options: the value of the filters
  • Percentage change: comparison between the current duration and the previous same duration.
    For example, there are 20% more clicks these 7 days than the 7 days right before.
  • Total percentage: proportion of the filter option clicks in total
  • Total clicks: how many times the filter options clicked