Conditional Visibility

How to use Conditional Visibility

You can add multi-conditional visibility (show/hide) for any widget, any section/column, or any element by User Level, Date/Time, Custom Field, URL Parameter, URL Contains

Edit Any Widget or Section/Column, or any element> Advanced Tab > Conditional Visibility

Visibility for Users

You can customize the roles to show any element

Visibility by Date and Time

Depending on your Date and Time setup, this feature allows any element to be visible

For example, you can apply this feature to Food Menu (Grid) if the Food list every day is different.

Visibility by Specific Posts/Terms

Choose the appropriate “Show/Hide” action for your elements.

Based on a specific Post Type/Term, this feature will be triggered as your custom setup.

set up conditional visibility by posts/terms with piotnet gridVisibility by Custom Fields and URL Parameters, URL Contains


Custom Field

URL Parameters

URL Contains