Infinite Auto Scrolling Effect

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Note that: this feature only works on the frontend and doesn’t work on the Editor.

You can choose to import our pre-made demos in Templates or create yourself as following steps.

  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Piotnet Grid > Templates > Add New > Add Template Title > Edit With Piotnet Grid.
  • Create a Section > Settings Tab > Auto Scrolling Effect > Enable (this feature only works on the frontend) > Save and Reload the Editor page
  • You can set custom width for the Column when editing the Column > Advanced Tab > Advanced Style > Width, Height > Width: e.g “200px” > Duplicate the column to create a next column.
  • Drop Image and Text widgets into the columns. You can set the Height for the Image and then the Width will be auto-resized at Style Tab > Custom Size with Center Mode.
  • Embed the Template to anywhere by using the Template Widget / Block / Element or the Template Shortcode